Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Haranshire : A few new Handouts

I've decided to make Kreesen (Röker's master) the sage who identifies the ring for Tauster. I've also decided (in order to fix everything) that the box contains one of the potions of domination that Tauster sent recently to Kressen for identification.

This also gives Kreesen an excuse to have sent these three along in the first place and makes them important (once again) the events of Haranshire.

Sadly, Tauster doesn't want any help. Kreesen is his only friend now that he's been ousted from the guild and it's dangerous for him to even send these notes back and forth. The PCs are going to be trouble if he doesn't rein them in. Or outright kill them.

Anyway. Help yourself to the three new handouts, I made (one is for when the ring of water commanding is identified)… the final one is on Carlanis when he attacks the PCs (I've decided to make him more intimately involved with the cult, having sold his farm two years ago).