Friday, March 13, 2009


I'm working on some ideas for a game that involves post-apocolyptic type mutants. Anyone that can point me to some powers and/or lists of powers would be great. Feel free to post some ideas in the comments if you like.

Ultimate Toolbox

400 pages
1000+ tables
Endless gaming potential

Here's some free charts that only recently got made.

1d20 Mercenary Companies 1
1. Arcane Corps
2. August Trackers
3. Banik’s Crawlers
4. Bastion’s Chargers
5. Berrig’s Muster
6. Blackblood Legionnaires
7. The Blades of Tannahawk
8. Bloodmoon Tyrants
9. Blunderbuss Enforcers
10. The Bonecrushers
11. The Clansmen
12. The Cloudkings
13. Coin’s Hold Outfit
14. Company of Aegis
15. The Corruptors
16. The Crimson Guard
17. Darksky Archers
18. Deadman Lancers
19. Deadwind’s Fist
20. Death’s Company

1d20 Mercenary Companies 2
1. Devil’s Vale Detachment
2. The Devil’s Rats
3. Doomknights of Ithaca
4. Doomsmen
5. The Dragon Horde
6. The Eagleriders
7. Falconfyre Raiders
8. The Fangs
9. Fellon’s Lowhunters
10. Fiendfyre Crew
11. Fifty-Seven Blades
12. The Final Siege
13. Firavun’s Men
14. Forthman’s Riders
15. Frontier’s Gauntlet
16. Frostlance Brigade
17. Garum’s Band
18. Ghoulslayers
19. Goblinbane Squad
20. The Godless

1d20 Mercenary Companies 3
1. Gorgon Crushers
2. The Grey Riders
3. Greenking Footmen
4. Guardians of Rebuke
5. The Hawks
6. The Hammers
7. The Helmsmen
8. High Metal Assembly
9. Hooded Cartel
10. The Ironmen
11. Iverman’s Command
12. The Ivory Crown Ring
13. The Jackals
14. Jakara’s Troopers
15. The Kinslayers
16. Knights of the Anvil
17. Korissin’s Army
18. The Lashers
19. The Maulers
20. Merchant Shield Combine

1d20 Mercenary Companies 4
1. Mountaincleave Horde
2. The Murdermen
3. The Nevermen
4. Northmen of Steel
5. The Oathhunters
6. One Hundred More
7. Orcskinners
8. Order of the Lock
9. Pathforgers of Anoch
10. Pilot’s Dragoons
11. Queen’s Harriers
12. Quinon’s Gang
13. Redwolf Pack
14. Retinue of the Damned
15. Riseneye Avengers
16. The Sellswords of Cairn’s End
17. Sentinels of the Black Stone
18. Seven Against All
19. The Shadowmen
20. The Shieldbearers

1d20 Mercenary Companies 5
1. The Sinisters
2. Skulks
3. The Skullsmiths
4. Soldiers of the Spear
5. The Sovereign
6. Stainsword Troop
7. Sunderstone Axemen
8. Tanner’s Scouts
9. Team of the Scarred Scale
10. Thorn Legion
11. Titan’s Pact
12. The Trollslayers
13. Warriors of the Tattered Banner
14. Werejackle Brigade
15. Whitecliff Plainsmen
16. Winged Contingent
17. Winterfire Legion
18. The Witch’s Curse
19. The Wraiths
20. Wyvern’s Watchmen

New Adventures

We met with a new gamer recently (Colin), who should be interesting to hang out with. We're going to try George's Children for our first game session, followed by some Dogs in the Vineyard, and topped off with IN A WICKED AGE, which I've been dying to play again.

Aaron is about to have his baby, so until he's out from under the weight of "new born baby stuff" it looks like it's board games for a while at Jason's place on Thursdays.

Anyway. You didn't sign up for gossip, you want to know about gaming. So. Bear in mind that I intend to run Dogs in an alternate setting (Inquisition perhaps) and I want to use In a Wicked Age with all of my COIL notes.

We'll see what happens.

I should have a TOOLBOX post for everyone soon, as well.