Saturday, April 18, 2009

There Can Be Only One, huh?

There is no arguing that gamers are fascinated with Scottish culture. Irish and Welsh are a far second and the English aren't even interesting to the English (with the exception of Arthur, who is argueably both Celtic and French). Every gamer looks for any excuse to remind the people around him that he is 1/18th Scottish and his family tartan is Raspberry Scone and Lemon Drop Vodka (or whatever colors he makes up, because no one challenges that nonsense).

But. Here's the question. When did it start? When did gamers become so obsessed with Scottish culture. Because it's not in D&D. Not initially anyway. Was it Highlander? Were we all growing pubes in 1985 at just the right time for Connor MacCloud to come along and be just "Northman" enough to itch our gamer-gene enough for everyone to be fascinated with this otherwise small portion of the world's geography?

Or is just that rampaging highlanders in kilts and big beards are going to be cool, even if Christopher Lambert's accent makes little to no sense?

Note: I love the original movie and hate everything else after it. I'm not a purist, I just think it's all stupid. So, I'm not going after Highlander to make fun of it. Rather, I'd like to know why people are so damn interested in pretending to be Scottish and not for instance… Bulgarian.