Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RPG Albania

Albanian Warrior
by Stepan Feodorovich Kolesnikov

Albania represents one of many Balkan states. Since Raavnia is based so heavily on the Balkans (especially Yugoslavia and the Magyars), I can't see talking about it too much here. Rest assured, the best use for Albania in a fantasy game would be as the crossroads between warring nations, as a staging area for another war, as an enemy/ally of a Turkish-style nation, or as a fledgling nation, trying to catch up culturally and technologically with the rest of the world.

It's ancient name is Shqipëri.

Albanians are known for being free-thinking and multiculturalism. Despite the west's impression of Albania, it is one of the most progressive nations on earth. The life-expectancy is pretty high too. It's low population ensures a high quality of life for everyone as well. Albanians went a long time without a written language, indicating that they found other ways to communicate (using other nation's languages in both education and commerce).

Historically, Albanians were devote Catholics, but today most do not practice religion. Again, I recommend the Cerul religion from my earlier Raavnia posts if you intend to use Albanians in your fantasy or middle ages games.

Albanian PCs
Albanians receive a WIS bonus, I presume… or Education if your game system allows for such a thing. They also live a little longer than most.

Albanian Names
Female: Adelina, Besjana, Bora, Diellza, Edona, Fatime, Gezime, Kujtime, Megi, Odeta, Rozafa, Sanije, Suela, Valmira, Vjollca
Male: Afrim, Azem, Besim, Egzon, Fatos, Fitim, Gezim, Ibish, Kostandin, Leka, Lulëzim, Pirro, Rinor, Skender, Sokol, Tariq, Uran, Valdrin, Xhoi