Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thunderstone Board Game

If you didn't know, the new upcoming release from AEG — Thunderstone — is my development. Designed by Mike Elliot (w/ art by Jason Engle), Thunderstone is a big new release from Alderac. Taking some of the game logic from the ever-popular Dominion, Thunderstone turns the deck-building genre into the also ever-popular dungeon crawl.
In Thunderstone, players build a deck of Heroes to go into the dungeon and kill bad guys, earn XP, level up their characters, and attach bigger and bigger weapons.
But before this starts to turn into an advertisement, I wanted to talk about the design and development process of this game. Because that was really fun and since I'm working on the expansion now, I just needed to share it to someone (I don't care if you're not listening).

Also, the solo rules are up on our website now, I think. Check it out.

More news when I have it.