Thursday, July 01, 2010

L5R RPG : Final Rest, Part 0 of 12

In contrast to the previous adventure which takes place over many days, weeks, etc... depending on the length of the chase, this adventure is structured over a 24-hour (12 in Rokugan) period, with each hour broken down into a separate chapter.

Having nothing to do with the the show 24, this idea was based on a video game I played where the main character was racing up a hill against a clock... and that blossomed into what you are reading now.

This is the start of a 12-part story, that I will detail over 12 small blog posts.

Samurai X must get from location A to location Z in 24 hours. The reason is inconsequential to the story. The GM is encouraged to make this a revenge story, but it's not necessary. The threads of the plot will be left open for you to detail.

Each chapter will have an example based on the idea that Goru must reach the Swift Viper's Temple before the sun rises tomorrow in order to stop the Cult of the Snake from sacrificing his daimyo's niece — Kajime — to the great serpent.

"The run was rising. Kajime was already gone… My head still spinning from last night's sake and whatever those bastards used to poison me. They should have used a lethal dose. Whatever lead time they thought they had, wouldn't help. I am coming for you."

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