Thursday, July 01, 2010

L5R RPG : FInal Rest : Part 1 : Hour of the Hare

Hour of the Hare
In this chapter, Samurai X must give chase. And quickly. Speed is everything here. Do not give the PCs time to think about anything. Every peasant they talk to gives different information about where the cultist went. Most did not see them. Others are terrified of both the samurai and the cultists. A few are willing to help, but don't know much. Only one knows the truth.

Keep the PCs on their toes.
Keep them guessing.
Put an hourglass on the table to increase the tension.
Play music from the Onimusha video game.
Distract them with the descriptions of mundane activity all around until they focus their mind on the task at hand.

Required Rolls
Void or Meditation

Fire or Dexterity
Air of Awareness

Akira Kurosawa's Stray Dog

Goru runs to the street, finds a peasant gathering water from the well for early morning tea and soup. He makes wild accusations, he points and shouts. He even threatens the peasant. This continues for several minutes as he goes from peasant to peasant looking for answers. In desperation, Goru starts running north to the edge of the village and he does not stop running until he spots a dirty mendicant digging in the mud of worms… a few zeni should get this man to tell Goru everything he needs to know.

"My steps never faltered. My resolution never wavered. I am samurai. I am the way and the path and the sword. Nothing, not even the ignorance of the cravenly will deter me from finding Kajime. These villains will taste my blade. The heavens will tell my tale."

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