Monday, July 12, 2010

L5R RPG : FInal Rest : Part 5 : Hour of the Goat

Hour of the Goat
In this chapter, Samurai X must take time to re-center himself and reflect on what has happened so far and where he is going. Wisdom gained here will help him in all the following chapters of the story.

After the last chapter, the samurai should be on the right path to finding the cultist. The road is brambly, overun, and generally not well maintained, but eventually he will reach a bridge over a calm brook of water. Serenity starts to seep in and the surroundings take the samurai away to a better place. Cherry blossoms fall to the earth and mingle with the near-perfect beauty of the surroundings.

The scene is breathtaking, even for a a samurai who has seen it all.

Almost blending into background is a lone, elderly monk, who leans on his staff and watches the water cascade ever so effortlessly down the brook. He beckons to the samurai to join him in quiet contemplation upon that which Amaterasu has blessed us with.

The goal here is to calm the samurai who is most certainly vexed by the situation he is in.

Guide the samurai to inner tranquility
Get him to focus his mind and body
Offer him wisdom that will aid him in the final chapters
Answer one question he has
Offer the samurai experience points once it is over

Required Rolls
Tea Ceremony

House of Flying Daggers

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