Tuesday, July 13, 2010

L5R RPG : FInal Rest : Part 6 : Hour of the Monkey

Hour of the Monkey
In this chapter, Samurai X reaches the half-way point of the story and the first real break in his travels. A small village in a remote part of the province is the resting place of several cult members, indulging in worldly pursuits before their plans see fruition.

There are many roads the samurai can take here. Direct confrontation will most likely lead to violence, which isn't necessarily a bad thing… these cultists deserve to die, but it could mean jeopardizing the mission. Subterfuge will lead to more information about the whereabouts of the enemy, but an honorable samurai would never reduce himself to suck chicanery. Taking a cultist alive won't help matters as they are sworn to secrecy. And waiting to see what the cultists do is not an option, as time is running out.

It is up to the GM to determine the next course of action for the hero, as time is running out.

Let the samurai set his own path here.
Be prepared to dig two graves.

Required Rolls
Anything related to fighting

Ronin Gai

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