Friday, July 02, 2010

L5R RPG : FInal Rest : Part 2 : Hour of the Dragon

Hour of the Dragon
In this chapter, Samurai X comes upon one of the cultists on the road. The cultist is disguised, and is actually here to detain the samurai, but that should not be evident. Vengeance should fill the mind of the samurai, clouding his decision-making. The overly helpful-cultist should send up a warning flag, eventually, but only after he has done everything in his power to confound the samurai.

Should the samurai try to the cultist, however, the cultist is ready.

If a fight ensues, make sure it spills into the streets and becomes as public as possible. While this is the last thing the cultists want, this is a great way to heighten the drama and tension. Now the samurai has publicly defeated (murdered) another person. Certainly magistrates or authorities will hear of it.

Lie to the samurai.
Lie some more.
Give false information.
Offer aid that is unreasonable, but seemingly a gift.

Required Rolls

Kill Bill, Vol. 1