Thursday, August 12, 2010

L5R RPG : FInal Rest : Part 9 : Hour of the Boar

Hour of the Boar
Having just killed a squad of cultists, Samurai X must now contend with the temple bodyguard who is no push-over. It is recommended that you open with a sweeping scene of the carnage surrounding the samurai, followed by some cleaning of his wounds, and the bathing of his sword in a brook of clear water before ascending the step of the temple.

The temple bodyguard is a moose of a man, without much brains and easily manipulated by the cult leader. "Moose" as he is called by his fellow cultists should make even a Crab samurai stop and consider what is at stake here. If this guy gets in one solid strike, it is all over…

It is recommended that the GM use some kind of time-stopping, dramatic showdown rules here to really ramp up the drama…

Required Rolls