Tuesday, August 31, 2010

L5R RPG : FInal Rest : Epilogue : Hour of the Hare

A miserable end to any revenge story is one where the protagonist does not get his revenge at all. However, the GM of this story may choose to have both the protagonist and antagonist die. Or have the protagonist learn there is more to this story than just a kidnapping. Or, have the villain escape for a long term nemesis to hound and annoy Samurai X.

GM's should tailor the finale and the denouement to the player's style, giving some degree of control to the player who has endured so much to get to this point.

Some final questions.
Does Kajime survive?
Is the ceremony thwarted? If not, what happens?
Who else knows about this?
How does everything turn out for the other parties involved?
Are magistrates involved? Or does the story end inside a vacuum, with 99.9% of Rokugan never hearing anything of this tale?

Man on Fire

L5R RPG : FInal Rest : Part 12 : Hour of the Tiger

Hour of the Tiger
In this chapter, Samurai X has his final showdown with the leader cultist, who is no push-over.

First. He must find him in the temple.

Second. He must stop the ritual before the final hour bell rings.

Third. He must get his revenge.

Step one can be as easy or tough as you'd like. Is the interior a labyrinth? Is there a second or third floor? Are there secret doors? Panels?

Step two involves a little more creativity. Should Samurai X get to the final chamber of the temple, the entire room goes pitch black as the cult leader waves his massive cloak and extinguishes all of the candles.

And then the snakes enter into the room

So. Step three becomes more about surviving and escaping with Kajime and less about killing the leader of the cult.

Note. The leader's stats should be similar to the PCs. His skill sets also similar, although

Required Rolls

Silence of the Lambs