Friday, March 04, 2011

Work in Progress

For those of you unaware, I am presently free of the constraints of servitude. In other words, I am no longer at AEG and haven't been for sometime. I made no public announcement this time upon leaving. The industry is different now and my feelings about the matter are different than they were in 2005 when I left the first time.

All that said, I'm working on a number of personal gaming projects related to my interests, rather than committee interests. Below is one of several games I'll be releasing in some capacity this year.

This is more of a teaser than anything else. The font isn't finalized and the interior is still being hobbled together. When I am ready to give details about the game, I will. I have other RPG concepts in the works as well as a GM advice sheet that I'm developing.

I also have some board games and cards games that I'll be pitching to a few people in the industry I trust. If they don't go over, maybe I'll do them as POD games through places like

Sorry for the morose tone, this morning. I've been up since 2am. Probably need to get some sleep.


Vargr said...

So get some sleep already.

I stumbled upon this blog after having picked up Mimura Village of Promises and GMs Survival Guide. Good stuff in those books, and I enjoyed what you had to say and how you said it so much I sought you out.

I have to say, I'm looking forward to what you have to offer.

jim pinto said...

Thanks for the kind words. I will have a number of indie-style RPGs to show off soon enough. I'm having fun with these.